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Do dogs lose their teeth when they get old?

My beagle is 7 years old and I found one of her teeth on the kitchen floor. She is very healthy and doesn't appear to be in any sort of pain. Also, there is no swelling or sensitivity to the touch. Basically, I want to know if this is normal or something more serious that I should address with a trip to the vet. Please help!

Do dogs lose their teeth when they get old?
No they should not lose their teeth after 6-9 months of age. At 7 she is losing them because of periodonatel disease. When you look at her mouth it may not look bad to you but when a vet does they will tell you her mouth is bad. Signs of periodonatal disease is redness of the gums (gingivitis) plaque formation on the teeth, bad breath ... when teeth start to fall out that is a sure sign of a bad mouth. The bacteria is eating away at her bone and ligament that is holding her tooth in place. Unless she had a severe trauma to the mouth that made the tooth fall out then its forsure periodontal disease. And it is severe, periodonal disease not only affects the mouth but the bacteria also travells into the bloodsteam and will start to affect and slowly shut down her heart, kidneys and liver (all organs that help to filter blood - and since the blood has bacteria in it then this is the reasoning for the organs to shut down) what i suggest is bring your dog to the vet, they will want to start her on a course of antibiotics and then schedule her for a teeth cleaning. Now dentistrys for dogs can be pretty costly but in the long run its wroth it. After she has a clean mouth you can start over. Brushing teeth is HIGHLY reccommended but not everyone can so there are good food out there that are teeth now. But they can only be bought at pet stores (Hills T/D, Purina Vet Diet - Dental Formula, or if your in Canada - Meidical dental) Ask your vet. But it is VERY important you get her teeth clean.
Reply:Doggy dentures.
Reply:how am i supposed to know
Reply:yes i belive so
Reply:just like we do
Reply:my friends dog lost all his teeth when he got old, its normal, just see the vet just in case
Reply:I dont think so maybe your dog is still a puppy!
Reply:no even when there just skeletons the teeth are still there, they only loose there teeth once when they are babies
Reply:yes theyre just like people
Reply:Yes it can be normal for animals to loose ther teeth as they get older. For a small dog like a beagle 7 seems a little young to be loosing teeth, so something might have happened to just that tooth. But anyways it is normal I have an older dog who is missing a lot of her teeth and is doing just fine.

to help her from loosing more you may want to start brushing her/his teeth, sometimes just bones don't keep them really healthy

Hope this helped a little
Reply:Yes, when both dogs and cats get older, they tend to lose teeth. Some sooner, some later, some more, some less, depending on food they eat, and many other things. If she is not in pain, if she's eating normally, I wouldn't worry about it. If you notice some changes in her behavior, check with vet.
Reply:Quite normal, have a 14 year old poodle that has loss just about all her teeth over the past few years, she can only eat canned dog food now, no more hard stuff.
Reply:Funny story- When I was in high school my friend's grandmother told me, upon entering her home, "Don't let my dog bite you." After I laughed, nervously eying her 10-year old, overweight Chihuahua, she said, "No, I mean it. I'm not worried about you, but his teeth will fall out."
Reply:yes it is normal i have a funny story about it when i was about 6yrs old we had a dog that at that time was almost 18yrs old she was a little dog looked kind of like a rat terrier anyway she had no teeth left we fed her soft dog food we had this nasty neighbor she hated animals and kids and most people lol she called the dog catcher on my dog on day and had her hand all wrapped up an swore to the dog catcher that my dog bit her and brought blood and she wanted it killed well the dog catcher was telling my dad this and my dad was laughing the whole time and he looked at the lady and said this is the dog that bit you? yes yes it was it was just awful my dad looked at the dog catcher and said would you do me a favor and open my dogs mouth so he did and there was no teeth the dog catcher laughed and just shook his head the ladys mouth about dropped and she just ran off i bet she never even had a bite she made the whole thing but to answer you yep they do loose there teeth when getting old not all do but some just like people do
Reply:Some dogs have a tendencey to bad teeth. I have owned several poodles and everyone of them has had a tendency to tooth decay and tooth loss. My vet gives general anesthesia and cleans their teeth and removes the bad ones.

My neighbor has a different breed and he is 16 years old and has the very best teeth. (white, no decay). We both feed our dogs primarily the same food.

I would not worry about the beagle's tooth loss.
Reply:Doggies' teeth get worn down from chewing-it's usually the lower front ones. A severe tartar buildup can cause pressure on the teeth and loosen them resulting in lost teeth. Some breeds are prone to losing teeth(Poodles, Chinese Cresteds..) You might want to check with your vet and make sure that there isn't an underlying vitamin or mineral deficiency that caused the loss.
Reply:Some dogs or any animal can. Take her to the vet and let them check her gums and over-all dental health. I have a cat that will be 21 yrs. old March 2nd. We took him to the vet a few yrs. back because we noticed he was having trouble eating. He's small by nature, but hes always had a great appetite. He had an abscess and had to have a few teeth pulled because of it. If you take your dog now, maybe you can stop a developing problem or keep the possible exsisting problem from getting worse. Good luck!
Reply:I have the same question! You should go to a vet to check it out but i'm pretty sure your dog is fine! Soo don' t worry about it!


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