Monday, March 15, 2010

Why do people who smoke crystal meth lose their teeth?

When you're on meth, time flies by. You can sit at the computer, work on your car, or draw pictures for hours without end. Days can go by. Brushing your teeth usually is not number one on your list of things to do. Secondly, if you smoke crystal meth, you are essentially smoking toxic chemicals. Think about what battery acid and rat poison could do to your teeth. These chemicals are coming in contact with your teeth and you aren't brushing. The use of meth causes cotton mouth, so your mouth is very dry and you don't have much saliva to rinse your teeth at all (on top of the fact that they are not getting cleaned since you don't brush.) To satisfy ongoing thirst caused by meth use, most meth addicts do not drink water. They drink sugary cokes which are bad for your teeth. A combination of all of these things is the reason why meth addicts do not have teeth.

Why do people who smoke crystal meth lose their teeth?
This is another reason not to smoke that crap
Reply:I don't know exactly, but I know a girl who has a really nasty personality and she is only nice when she smokes meth or takes methadones and her teeth are falling out.... I always say that it's her Karma
Reply:Because the drug makes you lose all your nutrient and vitamins. This breaks down the teeth in your mouth. Not the mention the fact that these users don't take care of themselves. You mean spend money on toothpaste when I can buy some ice instead?
Reply:i know somebody who used to do that. from what i saw when he was on it he would constantly grind his teeth and clench his jaw with a lot of force. i dont know if thats the only contributing factor but im sure is a big one. and the fact that u lose vitamins and you tend to be very unhealthy when you smoke it so the loss of calcium plus the teeth grinding can make you crack them and/or lose them.
Reply:The condition they suffer from is known as "meth mouth". One of the problems associated with it is xerostomia (dry mouth). Use of crystal meth decreases the production of saliva. This relates to the effects the drug has on the autonomic nervous system, but I won't go into that. Anyways, in the saliva exists an enzyme called amylase. Amylase breaks down sugars and starches that we eat. Without saliva there is no amylase. The sugars sit in your mouth instead of being washed away and this leads to cavities.

Another problem associated with meth mouth is caused by the clenching and grinding of teeth that is common in meth users. This can lead to cracked or chipped teeth.

Another cause is simply poor oral hygiene. After being awake doped up on that stuff for so long, the user will crash for a couple of days and probably doesn't take the time to take care of their oral health. This will compound the effects of reduced saliva mentioned above.

My advice is to stay away from the stuff.

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