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At what age should an adult dogs teeth fall out.I have a toy poodle and he just lost a tooth.He is 4 years?

An adult dog should never lose teeth. If your dog's losing teeth, he really needs to get to his vet for a dental check-up. Bad teeth and gums can lead to serious health problems - like heart or kidney problems for example.

At what age should an adult dogs teeth fall out.I have a toy poodle and he just lost a tooth.He is 4 years?
Time to have your dogs teeth looked at, he shouldn't be losing any of them.

What do you feed him? What sort of oral care to do for him? When was the last time he had a dental at the vet?
Reply:Adult dogs should not have teeth fall out. They should stay put. You need to get your dog to the vet for a dental cleaning and he may need to have more pulled. You could have prevented it by brushing his teeth and regular dental cleanings by the vet.
Reply:The baby teeth fall out within the first year.

Adult teeth should last for life.

He needs treatment to keep his teeth or to stop disease.
Reply:Unfortunately, teeth should last a lifetime....just like us. The loss of teeth may be more related to your dogs diet more than anything. Does your dog eat real dog food? Or does it hold out for tablet scraps? Need to take your baby to the vet, get a dental evaluation.
Reply:4 years old is young for your dog to be loosing teeth. Check his mouth for fowl odor, tarter on his teeth and red gums. He could possibly be a dog prone for periodontal disease. If you notice any of the above have your vet check him.
Reply:He should never lose a tooth...Please take him to the vet to find out why he lost the tooth...Poor dental care can lead to heart problems etc. Germs get into the dog's blood stream through sores and openings in the gums. I hope its nothing serious.
Reply:He sounds like he is having premature tooth loss.

Have the vet look at the teeth and if they are starting to get calculus build up then you need to get the teeth cleaned.

The vet will give you suggestions on what needs to be done with the teeth.

Sometimes the gums receed and that is a bad thing.

Toy dogs have really tiny teeth and that is a problem, they aren't really strong.
Reply:If he is really small it is common for very small toy breeds to suffer from tooth loss as the mouth of these dogs is too small for the teeth not to run into complications, just like our wisdom teeth. You need to bring him to a vet and start getting his teeth cleaned regularly and maybe dayly brushing. Does he have any rotten teeth, also some small breed dogs retain there puppy teeth longer than normal and they need pulled so its likely it was a retained puppy tooth but the vet would be the one to talk to.

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